Vacant Lots

Per Village of Shorewood code, all lots are to be maintained so that grass and weeds are no higher than 15″.  Any lot with weeds over 15″ will be mowed by the association at a cost of $250.00 per mowing.  No further notices are sent. If you have any questions regarding this or the timing of mowing you may be doing on your lot, please contact Bay Property Services at 708-974-4900.

The HOA begins monitoring lots on May 1 of each year.  Any lot found to be not in compliance will be mowed by the HOA pursuant to the above and the below notice.  If you have a service mowing your lot, please make sure they are aware to have it mowed prior to the first of each month beginning then.  If you would like to arrange to use the HOA’s mowing contractor directly, their contact information can be found below.