Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee is:  Kris Oswalt, Chairman; Wendy Klein, Shawn Doorhy , John Pawlicki and Anthony Seisser.

Architectural review is required for all new homes built in Lake Forrest, as well as most exterior improvements including fences, decks, gazebos, pools, play sets, etc.

Landscaping installations also require submittal and review.  Per below, if hardscapes are involved (patios, pergolas, gazebos, etc) the $25.00 review fee applies.  If only plants or mulch is being installed, a review is still required, but no review fee is required.

All applicants must fill out the form below and submit it to Bay Property Services for review along with the following fee schedule that shall apply to all plan reviews: House Plan Review Fee – $450.00; Re-submittal for house plans not approved – $100.00; Fence/Pool/Play Set/Deck Plan/Landscaping with Hardscapes Review Fee – $25.00; Landscape Plan Review Fee (New Construction Plans; in addition to the $450.00 house plan review) -$100.00; Re-submittal for New Construction Landscape Plans not approved – $50.00. Landscape improvements with only plantings and no hardscape:  N/C.  Basketball Hoop application: N/C.  No reviews will be made unless the resident is current in assessment payments.

Lake Forrest ARC Request

To facilitate the review of new home plans, please refer to the following checklist when making a submittal and include all documents indicated:

LF ARC Checklist

Please allow 30 days for all ARC reviews in timing the start of your project.  Consult the Declaration and Rules and Regulations for specific criteria that is allowed.

Specific mailboxes and For Sale signage is required.  Please refer to the links below for allowable examples of each:

Approved Mailboxes

Approved For Sale Signs