Below are various documents for your use.

The Declaration and Amendments (due to size constraints, the Declaration is presented in 3 parts, but is one document):

LF Declaration Part 1    LF Declaration Part 2   LF Declaration Part 3

LF 1st Amendment  LF 2nd Amendment   LF 3d Amendment      LF 4th Amendment       LF 5th Amendment       LF 6th Amendment     LF 7th Amendment

Lake Forrest Bylaws

Lake Forrest Rules and Regulations rev 2.12.15

Shorewood Annexation Agreement

Bond Release Request Form (Note each bond inspection charge is $150.00):   Bond Release Request Form

All lots are required to post a bond per the declaration until approved and released.  Following is a copy of the Bond Policy:  Bond Policy

Plats:  Phase 1 Plat        Phase 2 Plat

Wetland Preservation Covenant  (Applies to any lots containing a Wetland Preservation area)

Lake Forrest SSA Ordinance

Lake Forrest Lot Map

The Village of Shorewood has a 50/50 Tree Replacement program.  If you need to replace your parkway tree and would like to see if you qualify and how to proceed, please see the following:

Shorewood 5050 Tree Replacement

All For Sale signs placed either on vacant lots or homes must comply with the following example.  Unauthorized signs may be subject to removal.  Approved For Sale Signs

All newly installed mailboxes must conform with one of the following: Approved Mailboxes